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No security for global power relations. For an end to violence!

From 14th to 16th of February 2020, international representatives from politics, military and (arms) industry will meet at Hotel Bayerischer Hof for the Munich Security Conference in order to „counter the world’s most pressing security risks.“ While various power blocs are competing for political influence and the access to resources and markets, remaining barriers to an economic exploitation of the world are to be removed. Therefore, instead of security for human beings – be it from unmediated physical violence or social immiseration – the MSC is about the legitimization and worldwide enforcement of capitalist rule. War here, increasingly authoritarian police laws there and militarized borders between them: the repressive administration of social contradictions – if by political or military means – is enacted as „Security“. The choice between various variants of the same is being presented as as „without any alternative“ so that it is impossible even to imagine a completely different future. Where humans are taking their destiny in their own hands, resisting the violent logic of this order, highly armed despots counter these projects with all their cruelty without having to reckon with serious opposition from other actors of the security conference. The defense of human rights appears at most as a legitimizing story for the next obnoxious event, but is as little a real issue for the MSC as the destruction of the ecological foundations of life on earth.

Whether as a contact exchange for the armaments industry, as a simulation of world politics or as a propaganda event for the status quo – the MSC not only stands symbolically for global rule and violence and is therefore the most appropriate occasion to take our radical hostility towards these conditions to the streets. We fight for a world beyond patriarchal and racist opressions as well as beyond state, nation and capital.

Join us at the protests against the Munich Security Conference on the 14th of February and let’s collectively demonstrate that there is no security for global power relations. For an end to violence!